Commonly Confused Words: Its and It’s

“Its” and “It’s” seems so simple yet when typing/writing quickly, can be easy to confuse.

Its = possessive form of it. Shows that something belongs to “it”

A good way to remember this is that his and hers do not have apostrophes either. If you can substitute the word “his” (or her), the word you are looking for is its.

Example: The cat played with its toy mouse.
The cat played with his toy mouse.

It’s = it is or it has or it was. This is a contraction like I’m (I am). 

Break the word or phrase apart if you’re not sure what to use. If you mean it is/has/was, you need it’s with an apostrophe.

Example: The cat always lets me know when it’s dinner time.
The cat always lets me know when it is dinner time.

About Natasha

Natasha received her MA in Literature and Culture in 2008 from Oregon State University. Currently she lives in Oregon with her husband and cats.
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